Keep loose material out of your trucks' tailgate gap with this simple and effective solution.
Keep loose material out of your trucks' tailgate gap with this simple and effective solution. Great for anyone that hauls dirt, mulch, or any sort of yard debris in the bed of their pickup. The Gapshield is an engineered 6.5"x60" profile extrusion of durable synthetic elastomer that bridges the gap between your truck bed and tailgate, preventing material from spilling out. Full-length strips of 3M acyrlic foam tape and included adhesion promoter secure the Gapshield to your pickup, making installation a snap!

GapShield Features

Length: 60 inches - Fits most full size pickup tailgate openings.  Can be cut shorter for smaller tailgate openingsWidth: 6.5 inches - Fully bridges gap between truck bed and tailgate in lowered position when installed correctlyAdhesion: Two-strips 3M high strength double-sided adhesive foamed tape. Adhesion promoter wipe included to enhance bond strength, especially necessary on "imperfect" bond surfaces and Spray-on-Liners.
Color: Black
Ga Shield

Save Time & Material

Stop material and debris from falling in or through tailgate gap
Reduce clean up time, mess, and hassle
Limit material loss

Gap Shield

Protect Your Truck

Rocks/debris can fall on to bumper and damage tailgate when lowered
Prevent scratches, dings, and rust where liners don’t protect
Protect following traffic from debris

Gap Shield

Easy To Install

Trims to fit on any truck & liner
Simply cut, peel, and stick
Made from durable all-season elastomer
Automotive grade high strength tape and adhesion promoter

Top Seller

Gapshield 2, Truck Tailgate Gap Cover

GapShield Tailgate gap filler
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